How Kads Began

Written by the late Penny Rivers Fletcher
President and one of the founder members of Kads


In 1981 the Womens Institute, having been unable to afford the upkeep of  their old hall in Kineton had handed over  the running of it to the newly formed Kineton Village Hall Association. A good stage had now become available and Kineton Amateur Dramatic Society was formed from a nucleus of  WADS the Amateur Dramatic Society from Wellesbourne, a nearby village. Membership soon increased and an enthusiastic society presented their first play “Midsummer Mink” in November of that year. This was well received by the community and membership soon extended to neighbouring villages. The Society had to provide much equipment for productions and members set about  building flats and obtaining props etc.  
The object of the Village Hall Association was, of course, the building of a new hall to replace the existing one which had been in place since 1918. Much fundraising took place within the village and many members of Kads were involved. When the sum of £12000 was raised, the old hall was demolished and the present one was built, with the stage from the old hall incorporated into the new building.

Kads moved into what was a superb stage with excellent wings, a dressing room and ample storage space. Since then our productions have gone from strength to strength.